slide show image TG Wheel Polishing B1
slide show image TG Wheel Polishing B1

Wheel Polishing

Reasons to Polish Wheels

Top Gun Pressure Washing specializes in wheel polishing to help keep your vehicles safe and clean at all times. We provide full cleaning and polishing services for aluminum truck rims, as well as used polished wheels.

We understand that your vehicles serve as the reflection of your business. They help build your reputation and bring your company banner as they move along the roads. Thus, having a clean fleet, including wheels, enhances your brand image and promotes vehicle safety.

Aluminum truck wheels have a shiny mirror finish when they are new. However, over time with wear and tear, they can become oxidized, pitted, and scratched, and develop an overall unattractive dull greyish or even black appearance. In order to restore them to their original finish, they need to be polished. We can transform your wheels back to new.

Wheel Polishing - before & after

You may ask why wheel polishing is so important. Maintaining a well-polished truck has the following important benefits:

• Pride:
A well polished truck communicates a high degree of pride-in-ownership
Recruit to hire, trucks with polished wheels show pride in fleet ownership. Drivers who take pride in the way their trucks look take better care of their trucks.

• Safety:
Oxidized wheels can camouflage cracks whereas polished wheels make it easy to spot these defects.
Improved fleet image, customers prefer carriers who deliver in crisp and clean trucks.

• Resale:
A truck with polished wheels attracts buyers because most people associate polished aluminum with a higher level of maintenance and care.

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slide show image Grit Detail Wheel Polishing 1
slide show image Grit Detail Wheel Polishing 1


Wheel without tire mounted
• Front / outside: $60
• Rear / inside: $65

Wheel with tire mounted
• Front / outside: $70
• Rear / inside: $70

Wheel with tire mounted on truck
• Front / outside: $100
• Rear / inside: $105

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